Our salary customers (both controller and other salary workers) can access loans and repay within agreed period. The interest rate on our salary loanĀ  is among the lowest in the industry.

We also offer loans to controller workers at competitive interest rate and those applicants need not be customers of the bank.

Our susu loan is accessible to any customer who operates a susu savings account with our bank for a minimum of two(2) months. This facility attracts very low interest since it is intended to help our customers inject some capital into their business. Repayment of the susu loan is flexible because the repayment period is calculated daily so customers do not struggle to repay them. The customer is expected to provide guarantors for the susu loan; we do not demand any collateral.

This product is designed to enable clients have access to funds to perform befitting funeral of their departed relatives as well as social activities like Wedding and Outdooring Ceremonies

The repayment period is one month

This product is designed to enable our customers own vehicles/cars of their choice.

Applicants are required to provide a cash lien of a specified amount

The vehicle is registered and comprehensively insured in the joint names of the Bank and the

cost is borne by the client

This facility is offered to individuals and businesses who operate current account and are allowed to overdraw their accounts for a specified period of time to meet short termĀ business financing.

This credit line is designed for salaried workers who want to meet pressing financial commitments such as payment for rent advance, school fees, household appliances and other purposes that are purely personal in nature.

This facility is provided for business owners, small and medium scale entrepreneurs seeking working capital or funds for business expansion and growth. At the time when there seems to be no hope for financial assistance to stock up your business or to continue the project, you can look up to Sefwiman Rural Bank for financial assistance.

The group loan/micro finance is loan for groups of micro traders intended for business expansion and growth. Members of an association or trade union are candidates for the group loan. We also provide training in financial literacy, leadership, and community development to group members or association members. The bank only demands for a group guarantee to approve group loan.

This product is designed to allow salaried customers to draw their salaries in advance and are paid at the end of the month when salaries are credited to their accounts.