Other services

Apexlink is a domestic funds transfer product which enables the transfer of funds accross rural/community banks and ARB Apex Bank branches nationwide. This product has proved to be safe, reliable and convenient to individuals, traders, businesses etc.

Walk into any of our branches and transfer money to any village, town or city in Ghana. It would be received within a matter of minutes.

With this form of transfer, funds can be transferred to any bank in Ghana (i.e. both rural and universal banks) within a maximum of two (2) days. However, depending upon the instructions received from

the customer it can be credited to the beneficiary account in the corresponding bank the same day.

Fast Pay/Fast Credit services are offered at any of our branches where lotto winnings are paid and lotto agents can also load their floats electronically.

We also sell payment order to both clients and the general public for the settlement of their business transactions as well as students for the payment of their school fees

We also offer automated cheque clearing services to our clients and the cheque is cleared a maximum of 2 days after presentation. However in the case of Express Cheque Clearing the cheque can be cleared the same day.